Sentence Examples

  • 14, 16 (the numbers are not inclusive), and reckons three deportations in the 7th (?
  • During 1915-6 organized massacres and deportations were carried out systematically, to the extent of almost uprooting the Armenian race from Asia Minor.
  • The prosecutions and deportations, especially those instituted by Mr. A.
  • And from the social side the development of law, the influence of city life, the formation of priesthoods, the connexion of particular deities with the fortunes of dynasties or the vicissitudes of nations, the processes of migration, of conquest and political fusion, the deportations of vanquished peoples, even the sale of slaves to distant lands and the growth of trade and travel, all contribute to the processes which expand and modify different pantheons, and determine the importance of particular deities.
  • He struck at them by mixed commissions, deportations and the whole range of police measures.