Sentence Examples

  • The Neapolitan Democrats chose five of their leading men to be directors.
  • The Democrats were successful, and the bonds were formally repudiated in 1842.
  • Caldwell (1818-1874), there was some improvement in the condition of affairs, and in 1875 a constitutional convention, in session at Raleigh, with the Democrats slightly in the majority, amended the constitution, their work being ratified by the people at the state election in 1876.
  • The native white element completely regained possession of the government in the following year, when the Democrats came into office under Governor Zebulon B.
  • The death of Archdeacon Lucien Bonaparte, the recognized head of the family, having placed property at the disposal of the sons, they bought a house, which became the rendezvous of the democrats and of a band of volunteers whom they raised.