Sentence Examples

  • The striptease represented a return to the flash-and-tickle approach of populist vaudeville dancers.
  • A Populist was elected governor and was re-elected in 1900.
  • After 1873 he practised law in Chicago, was the Democratic candidate for governor of Illinois in 1880, became a Populist in 1894, and defended the railway strikers in Chicago in the same year.
  • In 1891 the Populist party was organized, but it never succeeded in securing a majority of the votes in the state.
  • Following the repeal of the Sherman Law and other acts and tendencies unfavourable to silver coinage in 1893 and thereafter, the silver question became the dominant issue in politics, resulting in the success of the Populist-Democratic fusion party in three successive elections, and permanently and greatly altering prior party organizations.