Sentence Examples

  • The name was used in the early part of the 18th century as the equivalent of "Latitudinarian," i.e.
  • There was a school of distinctively latitudinarian thought in the Church of England; others not unnaturally thought it better to extend the realm of the adiaphora beyond the sphere of Protestant ritual or the details of systematic divinity.
  • But we are not to suppose that even he, latitudinarian and innovator as he was, could have conceived the possibility of abolishing an institution so deeply rooted in the social conditions, as well as in the ideas, of his time.
  • "Latitudinarian" gave place at the same time to "Broad Churchman," to designate those who lay stress on the ethical teaching of the Church and minimize the value of orthodoxy.
  • Paley's latitudinarian views are said to have debarred him from the highest positions in the Church.