Sentence Examples

  • It is in practical affairs that the eclectic or undogmatic spirit is most valuable, and also least dangerous.
  • Arminius's works are mostly occasional treatises drawn from him by controversial emergencies, but they everywhere exhibit a calm, well-furnished, undogmatic and progressive mind.
  • Pp. 279, 280; the undogmatic words of religious emotion are " thrown out," not at " a cloud mistaken for a mountain," but at a " majestic " and " veritable mountain range."
  • In this direction pragmatism may ultimately lead to a number of metaphysics, each of which will represent a personal guess at a final synthesis of experience, while remaining essentially undogmatic and improvable.
  • Indeed there are signs that its undogmatic nature caused it to be comparatively neglected at certain times and places, as, e.g., Chrysostom explicitly witnesses.