Sentence Examples

  • Looking over a list of SUVs considered to be the best for different reasons will narrow down your field before you go down to the dealership, while also giving you a wide enough selection to choose between several very excellent SUVs.
  • Whenever you walk into a new or used car dealership without lining up your own source for auto loan funding, you leave yourself vulnerable to a significant bargaining chip that most car dealers use to make you pay more for your car.
  • Most vehicle dealerships subscribe to the Canadian Black Book, so if you want a truly free valuation without providing too much personal information, take your vehicle to a dealership and tell them you only need a trade-in value.
  • Leo Marquez, a sales manager at a Ford dealership in New Mexico tells us, "Even if your car is in mint condition and has low miles, if I already have four of the exact same car sitting on my lot, I'll offer you a lower value.
  • If it's very important to you to work with Western General rather than another insurance company, talk to the car dealership about what company offers their extended warranty products before you even consider buying the car.