Sentence Examples

  • Radio talk show host and personal finance expert Dave Ramsey has earned himself a nationwide following by offering easy-to-follow tips for people who are committed to getting their finances back on track.
  • Front man Dave Gahan was joined by Martin Gore (keyboard, guitar, and the brain behind most of Depeche Mode's song lyrics), Andrew Fletcher (keyboards and bass) and Vince Clarke (keyboards).
  • However, it’s interesting to note that the average household expenditures are actually not too far off from the budget percentages recommended by financial gurus such as Dave Ramsey.
  • Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich, as well as Dave and Mary Conley (Team Kentucky) are likely to be joined by Uchenna and Joyce Agu (season 7 winners), Colin Guinn and Christie Woods (Amazing Race 5) and cousins Charla and Mirna (also season 5).
  • However, you will want to keep in mind that she is just one of many people offering money management tips and some Mary Hunt debt free living advice may contradict what you hear from people such as Dave Ramsey or Martin Lewis.