Sentence Examples

  • Its leathery dark green leaves are shaped like those of a Dandelion, and arranged in a rosette, and the flowers are glowing scarlet, 4 inches across, borne singly on tall bare stems.
  • Also in the fifties, Bradbury published Dandelion Wine (1957), a novel that is neither science fiction, fantasy nor mystery, but simply a strangely beautiful remembrance of life in a small Illinois town.
  • Several herbs, including chamomile (Matricaria recutita), dandelion (Taraxacum mongolicum), and burdock (Arctium lappa), act as bitters, stimulating the movement of the digestive and excretory systems.
  • Herbal supplements that benefit individuals who have iron deficiency anemia include alfalfa, burdock root, dandelion, dong quai, mullein, nettle, raspberry leaf, shepherd's purse, and yellow dock.
  • It is a hardy Italian annual, bearing pretty pink flowers about the size and form of the Dandelion, and should be sown in spring or autumn like other hardy annuals in any ordinary garden soil.