Sentence Examples

  • By Yonne and Cote-d'Or, and E.
  • ALESIA, the ancient name for a hill in central France, now Alise-Ste-Reine (department Cote d'Or), where in 52 B.C. Caesar besieged the Gaulish national leader Vercingetorix within enormous entrenchments, forced him to surrender, and thus practically ended his conquest of Gaul.
  • Besides those already mentioned the more important are: Cours d'economie politique (1842-1850); Essais de politique industrielle (1843); De la baisse probable d'or (1859, translated into English by Cobden, On the Probable Fall of the Value of Gold, Manchester, 1859); L'Expedition du Mexique (1862); Introduction aux rapports du jury international (1868).
  • 1666), at Kum, were " de cristal peint d'or et d'azur."
  • Many varieties of this form of narcissus, such as Grand Monarque, Paper white, Soleil d'or, are grown.