Sentence Examples

  • Bone growth may also be limited by vitamin D deficiency, resulting in a condition called rickets (osteomalacia), which leads to soft and/or deformed bones and is caused by an inability to absorb calcium due to lack of vitamin D.
  • Vitamin D levels may be insufficient and bring about a softening of bones (osteomalacia), which produces pain and bony deformities, such as flattening or bending.
  • However, adults can better handle a vitamin D deficiency than children, so their symptoms of osteomalacia may not seem as worrisome, acute or pressing.
  • Chronic use of laxatives may result in fluid and electrolyte imbalances, steatorrhea, osteomalacia, diarrhea, cathartic colon, and liver disease.
  • In adults, severe vitamin D deficiency results in osteomalacia, which confers both weakness of bones and of the muscles.