Sentence Examples

  • The islands on the sea-front are exposed to devastation by cyclonic storm-waves.
  • A curious feature of the cyclonic storms is that, whether they cross the interior of the country near the northern or southern boundary or along an intermediate path, they converge towards New England as they pass on toward the Atlantic; and hence that the north-eastern part of the United States is subjected to especially numerous and strong weather changes.
  • The cold is then intense and the force of the wind cyclonic. Speaking generally, the Afghanistan climate is a dry one.
  • Dissipation was above the average when cyclonic conditions prevailed, but this seemed simply a consequence of the increased wind velocity.
  • 2 The well-known strangely warm and dry fain- winds of Greenland occur both on the west and the east coast; they are more local than was formerly believed, and are formed by cyclonic winds passing either over mountains or down the outer slope of the inland ice.