Sentence Examples

  • Many men cringe at the thought of a diamond engagement ring because they automatically associate it with a high price tag, but it is possible to purchase a cheap engagement ring without sacrificing quality or beauty.
  • If being in social situations stresses you out or just hanging out with family is enough to make you cringe to the point of almost having an anxiety attack, don't feel obligated to deal with the situation for more time than you can.
  • So what can you look for to avoid the stigma attached to flannel gowns so that you can stay warm without seeing your lover cringe when you walk out of the bedroom in it?
  • Many consumers who strictly monitor their personal budget may cringe at the idea of buying a $200 hair tool, but in fact Sedu products are a good long term investment in stylish hair care.
  • Some of the 80s fashions may make you cringe now, but let's face it, the color overload, layering, and more-is-better fashion philosophy definitely reflected a spirit of fun.