Sentence Examples

  • Then they were asked to find a crate of construction supplies and deliver it to one of our NPCs (non-player character), named Higgins, who shipped the supplies to the residents of Skyland, so that they can rebuild their homes.
  • Of course, there could certainly be another cause behind your dog's sudden aversion to his crate, but the sudden behavior change taken into consideration with his age indicates a trip to the vet may be in order.
  • Even if you don't already have a crate, purchasing one to use for whelping may be a good choice since it can serve double duty rather than needing to be packed away until the next time you are dealing with a litter of puppies.
  • Couples can embrace an aquatic theme with seashells, dolphins, or other marine life accents, or they can adopt local customs and crate truly unique events that honor not only the couple, but also the location.
  • Puppies are young and very curious at this age, and you want to keep a happy mood, especially if you are going to crate train or use a play pen for when you do not have your eyes on the puppy at all times.