Sentence Examples

  • B, Udonella caligorum, attached to the ova of the copepod Caligus.
  • Brown or even blood-red stripes have been observed in the North Atlantic when swarms of the copepod Calanus finmarchicus were present; the brown alga Trichodesmium erythraeum, as its name suggests, can change the blue of the tropical seas to red; swarms of diatoms may produce olive-green patches in the ocean, while some other forms of minute life have at times been observed to give the colour of milk to large stretches of the ocean surface.
  • In appearance an ordinary Copepod is divided into foreand hind-body, of its eleven segments the composite first being the head, the next five constituting the thorax, and the last five the abdomen.
  • To the extreme development of the carapace in Laura, as compared with the segmented body, it would be difficult to find among crustaceans any analogy more striking than that of the great ovarial expansions in Nicothoe astaci, the little copepod parasite of the common lobster.