Sentence Examples

  • Though the latter territory may be understated by many preschool curricula, this site makes the argument that children struggling with these areas may be ill-equipped for more advanced school work.
  • Alan Ruck: Alan is not as familiar as Walter Koenig and Nichelle Nichols, but fans will recognize him as the ill-equipped captain of the Enterprise in the movie Generations.
  • While depression is a well-known illness, many people feel ill-equipped to discern between common sadness and a condition requiring medical attention.
  • The Parisians were ill-equipped and ill-led, and on the 13th of Vendemiaire (October 5) their insurrection was quelled almost without loss to the victors.
  • But the army was ill-equipped and unprepared; and Potemkin in an hysterical fit of depression gave everything up for lost, and would have resigned but for the steady encouragement of the empress.