Sentence Examples

  • Orders: Copepoda, Cladocera, Siphonostoma, Lernaeida, Cirripedia.
  • The Copepoda have normally a segmented body, not enclosed in a bivalved shell-covering, the segments not exceeding eleven, the limbs not branchial.
  • The constituents of the last have often been classed as Copepoda, and among the Branchiopods must be regarded as aberrant, since the "branchial tail " implied in the name has no feet, and the actual feet are by no means obviously branchial.
  • C. Thompson, "Copepoda of Liverpool Bay," Trans.
  • St Petersburg, " Caspian Entomostraca " (1897); Giesbrecht and Schmeil, " Copepoda gymnoplea," Das Tierreich (1898); Giesbrecht, " Asterocheriden," F.

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