Sentence Examples

  • Babies are wired for doing lots of imitation, and they should pounce on the opportunity to exchange coos, stinging tongues out and doing the usual baby-parent routine.
  • The coos, grunts, growls and other vocalizations babies make are the early stages of speech development.
  • Lignitic dial was discovered on or near the coast of Coos Bay as early as 1855, and this is still the only productive coalfield within the state, although there are outcroppings of the mineral all along the Coast Range N.
  • Forests.-The White Mountain region and Coos county to the north of it, embracing in all nearly one-third of the total area of the state, is essentially a forest country.
  • Of this total the only other large items were clay and clay products (valued at $371,640), and mineral waters ($259,520; of which $150,512 was the value of table waters) from nine springs, four in Rockingham, three in Hillsboro county and one each in Coos and Carrol counties-and other mineral waters were used in the manufacture of soft drinks.

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