Sentence Examples

  • The city controller is elected by popular vote.
  • Northeastern Tibet or Amdo, and also a portion of Khamdo, are under the supervision of a high official (Manchu) residing at Sining Fu in Kansuh, whose title is Imperial Controller-General of Koko Nor.
  • It was some time before he assumed official dignities; but in January 1664 he obtained the post of superintendent of buildings; in 1665' he was made controller-general; in 1669 he became minister of the marine; and he was also appointed minister of commerce, the colonies and the king's palace.
  • His father held the offices of comes privatarum and sacrarum largitionum (controller of the emperor's private revenue and the public exchequer) under Odoacer, and subsequently attached himself to Theodoric, by whom he was appointed corrector (governor) of Bruttii and Lucania, and praefectus praetorio.
  • The region under the supervision of the imperial controller includes all the countries north of the upper course of the Dre chu (Yangtsze-kiang).