Sentence Examples

  • The fungal constituents vary considerably.
  • Reference may first be made to the important mineral constituents of different crops of the four-course rotation.
  • Speaking generally, all plants tend to exhaust particular constituents of the soil on which they grow.
  • His opponent would be disposed to say that the iodine and the mercury ceased to exist when the red powder was formed, that they were components but not constituents of it.
  • Notwithstanding this prospective loss of revenue, parliament showed great reluctance to vote any new impost, although hardly a year previously it had sanctioned (3oth June 1879) Depretiss scheme for spending during the next eighteen years 43,200,000 in building 5000 kilometres of railway, an expenditure not wholly justified by the importance of the lines, and useful principally as a source of electoral sops for the constituents of ministerial deputies.