Sentence Examples

  • Although it's tempting to design a gun cabinet to complement your collection, when considering wood, trims and stain, try to integrate the look of your cabinet with the other built-in or freestanding cabinetry or wood furniture in the room.
  • Even if you need no vision correction, just order UV protection (or choose polycarbonate lenses, which have built-in UV protection) and the tint you'd like-even gradient-and you'll have a pair of customized sunglasses for a small face.
  • Before you choose bunk beds for your home, make a drawing of your space with accurate measurements to ensure that the style of bed you choose will accommodate things like doorways, windows, built-in light fixtures, and heating vents.
  • You can always celebrate special occasions by giving anyone who owns one of these hot beverage brewing systems a selection of K-cup mini-brewers, each one complete with the perfect amount of gourmet coffee and a built-in filter bag.
  • Other key highlights included its sliding form factor (which revealed a numeric keypad), built-in stereo speakers, both front (QVGA) and rear (5MP) facing cameras, N-gage gaming, a full HTML web browser, and stereo Bluetooth 2.0.