Sentence Examples

  • A child that is resistant to potty training typically continues to soil herself or continues to hold her bowel movements until she becomes constipated.
  • Although a raw food diet is low residue and will produce a lower fecal volume than a cooked commercial diet that is high in carbohydrate fillers, some cats will become legitimately constipated on a raw regimen.
  • In addition, a doctor should be called if an infant younger than two months is constipated, or if an infant (except those that are exclusively breastfed) goes three days without a stool.
  • While you are switching your cat to raw food keep a close eye on her for subtle changes that might mean she is constipated or otherwise not handling the new diet very well.
  • A child who is constipated may feel bloated, have a headache, swollen abdomen, or pass rock-like feces; or strain, bleed, or feel pain during bowel movements.