Sentence Examples

  • Canopy beds are often associated with an old world sort of grandeur, and may conjure up images of Victorian-themed décors or, perhaps more commonly, a young girl's bedroom done in shades of pink and white.
  • Add a good witch (Billy Burke as Glinda), a bad witch (Margaret Hamilton as the Wicked Witch of the West), a collection of Munchkins and a band of flying monkeys and you have a movie to conjure with.
  • Though low cut halter dresses may conjure up images of short, tight clubwear only, there are low cut halter dresses for almost any occasion (outside of church or meeting your boyfriend's parents).
  • While the idea of a "surveillance camera" may conjure up images of spying or Big Brother, they are little more than a tool used to identify the perpetrator of a crime after it happens.
  • A mysterious stranger (who happens to be in the basement) offers the Bard training and a new tune that can conjure up a more powerful creature that will help the Bard kill the beast.