Sentence Examples

  • The beginning of the active opposition to the crown may be placed in the resistance, led by James Otis, to the issuing of writs (after 1 75 2, Otis's famous argument against them being made in 1760-1761) to compel citizens to assist the revenue officers; followed later by the outburst of feeling at the imposition of the Stamp Act (1765), when Massachusetts took the lead in confronting the royal power.
  • Along the southern coast, where the houses of Seleucus and Ptolemy strove for predominance, we find the names of Berenice, Arsinoe and Ptolemais confronting those of Antioch and Seleucia.
  • - The chief problems now confronting the monarchy were no longer military, but social, economic and constitutional.
  • It was the cowards' way out, but right now she wasn't up to confronting him.
  • Brady sheathed his weapon and leapt over the boulders, confronting the struggling duo.