Sentence Examples

  • Confucianism is the official cult, and all officials offer sacrifices and homage at stated seasons in the Confucian temples.
  • Neither Taoism nor Confucianism, indeed, makes this claim.
  • Confucianism is an ethical rather than a religious system, and hence was able to co-exist, though not on very friendly terms, with Buddhism, which reached China about the 1st century A.D.
  • 12 a religion,"Confucianism and Taoism, while the" heterodox (sic),"Buddhism especially, is" partly tolerated, but generally forbidden, and even cruelly persecuted "(Chantepie de la Saussaye, Religionsgeschichte, i.
  • 4 In his Principles of Sociology Herbert Spencer collected, from the accounts we have of various savage tribes in widely separated 3 Confucianism ought perhaps to be named as one.