Sentence Examples

  • At one end of the instrument is placed a polarizer and the biquartz, and at the other a Galilean telescope, that must be focused on the edge of biquartz, having in front of its object-glass the compensator and an analyser that is regulated for producing the sensitive tint, when the plates of the compensator have the same thickness.
  • One method consists in finding directly the elliptic constants of the vibration by means of a quarterwave plate and an analyser; but the more usual plan is to measure the relative retardation of two rectangular components of the stream by a Babinet's compensator.
  • The chief features of Soleil's saccharimeter are the biquartz and the compensator.
  • A rotation of the plane of polarization is not, however, measured by an adjustment of the analyser, but by annulling the rotation with a compensator.