Sentence Examples

  • Oswine's death was compassed by Oswio in 651, and the throne of Deira was then obtained by 1-Ethelwald son of Oswald.
  • Compassed the overthrow of the kingdom of Damascus; he also took Arpad (Tel Arfad), an important place three hours to the north of Aleppo.
  • Compassed by his brother Timoleon.
  • Charles headed the party of feudal reaction, and was among those who compassed the ruin of Enguerrand de Marigny.
  • Here, on the 25th of October, the commissioners again met; and one of them alone, Lord Zouch, dissented from the verdict by which Mary was found guilty of having, since the 1st of June preceding, compassed and imagined divers matters tending to the destruction of Elizabeth.