Sentence Examples

  • Most women were putty in the old man's hands, but Claire Quincy had pushed all the wrong buttons and short-circuited his good nature.
  • 43), called " chokers," which are capable, one or all, of being short-circuited by keys K1, K2.
  • The impedance of the primary or alternator circuit is so adjusted that when both the chokers are in circuit the current flowing is not sufficient to charge the condensers; but when one choker is short-circuited the impedance is reduced so that the condenser is charged, but the alternating arc is not formed.
  • When the blocks are interconnected by the plugs all the coils are short-circuited; but if the plug or plugs are taken out, then a current flowing from one"end of the series to the other is compelled to pass through the corresponding coils.
  • It is not possible to work double current from one set alone, as in this case, if one key of a group of instruments is up and another is down, the battery would be short-circuited and no current would flow to line.