Sentence Examples

  • " Money and commodities are the real strength of any community."
  • The labour statistics published by the department are exhaustive, dealing with hours of labour, the state of the labour market, the condition of the working classes and the prices of commodities; annual reports are also ' Since 1882 there have been only two occasions on which the president of the board was not included in the cabinet.
  • The old Austria was very richly provided with raw materials; the coal and iron supply was especially rich; in the years immediately preceding the war the production of these two commodities followed in general a rising curve.
  • The average prices per kilogram of certain commodities in Lower Austria are shown in Table IX.: TABLE IX.-Average Food Prices (heller per kilogram).
  • This very cheapening of many commodities in 1913, side by side with which went also a cheapening of many manufactured articles, was indicated as the sign of a decline in the power of consumption of the population.