Sentence Examples

  • He is the author of some commendable verses.
  • The effort, while commendable, was not wholly suc­cessful.
  • But irreverences of this kind, as well as the frequent burlesque citations of the Bible, whether commendable or not, had been, were, have since been, and are common in writers whose orthodoxy is unquestioned; and it must be remembered that the later Middle Age, which in many respects Rabelais represents almost more than he does the Renaissance, was, with all its unquestioning faith, singularly reckless and, to our fancy, irreverent in its use of the sacred words and images, which were to it the most familiar of all images and words.
  • In 1727 they declared it to be " not a commendable or allowed " practice; in 1761 they excluded from their society all who should be found concerned in it, and issued appeals to their members and the public against the system.
  • Under the " new regime " the Turkish government displayed commendable energy in reconstructing and reorganizing the seapower of the empire.