Sentence Examples

  • It included: the number, character and nationality of the cardinals, the abuse of the " reservations " made by the apostolic see, the annates, the collation to benefices, expectative favours, cases to be brought before the papal Curia (including appeals), functions of the papal chancery and penitentiary, benefices in commendam, confirmation of elections, income during vacancies, indulgences, tenths, for what reasons and how is a pope to be corrected or deposed.
  • The Indians of a district were given to him "in commendam" with the power to demand a corvee from them and a small yearly payment per head.
  • The general question involved in a special instance was whether or not the king's prerogative included the right of granting at pleasure livings in commendam, i.e.
  • Appointed by Odo ruler of several counties, including the county of Paris, and abbot in commendam of many abbeys, Robert also secured the office of duke of the Franks, a military dignity of high importance.
  • An act of 1836 prohibited the holding of benefices in commendam in England.