Sentence Examples

  • The movie deals with Ringwald's character, Andie, in a coming-of-age story where she faces pressure from high school cliques, and struggles to find her niche.
  • After playing numerous small parts on television and the silver screen, Tobey Maguire's claim to fame came in 1997's coming-of-age film, The Ice Storm, where he played a young man whose town gets threatened with an ice storm.
  • Unless you are a mother who is extending her benevolence to a coming-of-age or bride-to-be daughter, it is generally unwise to give Christmas bra and panty sets to relatives.
  • The coming-of-age story set in a Catskills Mountain resort during the 1960s was a runaway success - much to the surprise of the team behind the film.
  • Kiefer was part of Hollywood during a time when a lot of young actors were making names for themselves in coming-of-age films.