Sentence Examples

  • We may at once put the comets out of view.
  • We do not know whether the comets are really indigenous to the solar system or whether they may not be merely imported into the system from the depths of space.
  • The prize of the Berlin Academy was, in 1780, adjudged to Lagrange for a treatise on the perturbations of comets; and he contributed to the Berlin Memoirs, 1781-1784, a set of five elaborate papers, embodying and unifying his perfected methods and their results.
  • He intended to follow it up with similar treatises on Mars, Jupiter, sun, moon, comets and meteors, stars, and nebulae, and had in fact commenced a monograph on Mars, when the failure of a New Zealand bank deprived him of an independence which would have enabled him to carry out his scheme without anxiety as to its commercial success or failure.
  • Of his Leichteste Methode, and his unique collection of works relating to comets now forms part of the Pulkowa library.