Sentence Examples

  • It was organized in fifteen cohorts, each comprising seven grand officers, twenty commanders, thirty officers and 350 legionaries.
  • These Laminiplantares are composed of six cohorts as follows: Cohors 1.
  • The sixth order, Natatores, consists of all the birds that habitually swim and a few that do not, containing 6 " cohorts ": Longipennes and Pygopodes with 3 families each; Totipalmatae with I family; Tubinares with 3 families; Impennes with I family, penguins; and Lamellirostres with 2 families, flamingoes and ducks.
  • The seventh order, Proceres, is divided into 2 " cohorts " - Veri with 2 families, ostriches and emeus; and Subnobiles, consisting of the genus Apteryx.
  • Freedmen of humbler rank, on the other hand, filled the minor offices in the administrative service, in the city cohorts, and in the army; and we shall find that they entered largely into the trades and professions when free labour began to revive.