Sentence Examples

  • And while folklore places another uses for black cohosh as an herb to induce labor, it should never be used for this purpose except under the supervision of an herbalist, nurse midwife, or skilled naturopathic physician.
  • People who have hormonally-fed illnesses or conditions such as breast cancer and uterine fibroids should not use black cohosh, because it has not yet been determined what the hormonal effects of this herb are.
  • There are risks involved with self-prescribing any herb, vitamin or medicine during pregnancy, so it is important that you take black cohosh only under the advisement of your health care provider.
  • Black cohosh: Approved in Germany to treat menstrual symptoms and other complications among women, black cohosh is thought to have few side effects, though it may not be safe for pregnant women.
  • When talking to your healthcare provider about this natural remedy, it can be helpful to understand the basics about this herb and how much black cohosh women take to induce labor.