Sentence Examples

  • You really want to find a good deal but you are wary of getting a clunker.
  • New Vehicle Selling Price - To help calculate your monthly payment on a new vehicle, the selling price will be determined by subtracting your trade-in allowance and your clunker cash allowance.
  • The Clunker - Your clunker, or the vehicle you want to trade in, must be in drivable condition and have a combined fuel efficiency of eighteen miles per gallon or less.
  • Dealerships must make you aware that fifty dollars of the either $3,500 or $4,500 they receive will be utilized towards dismantling or crushing your clunker trade in.
  • If you found a value for your clunker in Kelley Blue Book, expect to be offered a lower value for your clunker, as the dealership can't resell the vehicle.

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