Sentence Examples

  • Clutches, small, and mini bags are often best -- you can toss in your theater tickets, some breath mints, and lip gloss in an evening bag rather than lugging a clunky bag around while wearing a sophisticated evening dress.
  • There are the clunky black lace-up boots for the goth kids, all-American casual brown boots, and a business casual selection for those who are past the youth years but don't want to let go of their beloved Doc Martens.
  • For an older clunky robot that didn't look much different than the stereotypical style of robots featured in most of the 1950s pulp fiction, this particular emotional robotic character came to life on the screen.
  • Motorola and HTC seem to have put genuine thought into the user experience, with Motorola even addressing several of the minor issues (flat keys, clunky exterior) with the Droid X in the design of the Droid 2.
  • When choosing a width, always bear in mind the finger of the wearer: a very thick ring will look clunky and awkward on slender fingers, and a thin ring will appear lost and insubstantial on thicker fingers.