Sentence Examples

  • Regardless of who may have precipitated the end of the relationship, the question of who gets the engagement ring is not as clear-cut as it may seem.
  • Unlike the emotion of grief, which has similar stages, breaking up tends to be so affected by the individuals involved that it doesn't really have a clear-cut map from "things aren't working" to "we've both moved on."
  • The simplicity of the early games is also an attractive factor for some players; in an increasingly complex world, immersion in a straightforward game with a clear-cut goal is highly appealing.
  • While abuse and neglect of children is obvious in many parenting situations, some situations may be less clear-cut and leave a sizeable debate on what exactly constitutes parental rights.
  • While other grains seem to have clear-cut boundaries when it comes to gluten content, the jury is still inconclusive on whether oats are a safe option for a gluten-free lifestyle.