Sentence Examples

  • Yet it is not a single and unambiguous logical movement that derives from Kant.
  • As mere subjective function, which it is to the psychologist, it is best spoken of by an unambiguous name, and for this there seems none better than Intellection.
  • The unambiguous allusions in xiii.
  • At Beer-lahai-roi an El ("god") appeared to Hagar, whence the name of her child Ishmael; but the writer prefers the unambiguous proper name Yahweh, and, what is more, the divine being is now Yahweh's angel - the Almighty's subordinate (xvi.).
  • If the arguments chiefly relied on for an early date are so precarious or can even be turned against their inventors, there are others of an unambiguous kind which make for a date in the Persian period.