Sentence Examples

  • Florez led a retired, studious and unambitious life, and died at Madrid on the 10th of August 1773.
  • They are good cultivators of the soil, but are poor, superstitious, ignorant and unambitious, and they live in semi-subterranean houses as their ancestors did Boo years B.C. The townsmen, especially in the large towns, have more regular features - often of the Persian type.
  • But, though of an unambitious and peace-loving temper, the very conditions of his empire made war inevitable.
  • Was compelled by financial necessities, created in part by the heavy war-indemnity exacted by Rome, to pursue an unambitious policy, and was assassinated by his minister Heliodorus.
  • The very fact that he was apparently unambitious of personal supremacy combined with his honourable record and experience to make him a safe man; and in December 1898, on Sir W.