Sentence Examples

  • On awaking, Peleus was attacked by the Centaurs, but saved by Cheiron.
  • Centaurs out of the country.
  • About all conceivable centaurs, we do not think, " If anything is a centaur," because we do not believe that there are any; and in a universal judgment about the existent, e.g.
  • Thus, " Some existing men are poets," " All existing men are mortal," " Some conceivable centaurs are human in their forequarters," " All conceivable centaurs are equine in their hindquarters," are all categorical judgments, while the two first are also categorical judgments of existence.
  • In ordinary life we may say, " All men are mortal," " All centaurs are figments," " All square circles are impossibilities," " All candidates arriving five minutes late are fined " (the last proposition being an example of the identification of categorical with hypothetical in Keynes's Formal Logic).