Sentence Examples

  • The three cells at the opposite end are known as antipodal cells and become invested with a cell-wall.
  • They soon acquire a cell-wall, and germinate without a period of rest.
  • The growth of the cell-wall takes place by the addition of new layers to those already formed.
  • The most obvious distinction is that the animal cell-wall is either absent or composed of a nitrogenous material, whereas the plant cell-wall is composed of a carbohydrate material - cellulose.
  • There is, however, considerable variation in the nature of the membrane in different species; thus the cell-wall of Oedogonium, treated with sulphuric acid and iodine, turns a bright blue, while the colour is very faint in the case of Spirogyra, the wall of which is said to consist for the most part of pectose.