Sentence Examples

  • The internet also has the added bonus of purchasing digital music through music stores such as iTunes or Napster, services that allow you to download individual songs to play on your PC, burn onto CDs, or put on your digital music player.
  • That said, it was quite the impressive machine at the time: an ARM60 32-bit RISC CPU, a pair of video co-processors, the ability to play audio and video CDs, and the possibility of using up to eight controllers at once, to name but a few.
  • CD Player: Connecting a portable CD player to your car's in-dash audio system using either a bluetooth wireless connection or a cable and adaptor allows you to listen to CDs when you're in the car and remove the player when you're not.
  • If you decide to use CDs and Internet-learning programs, you will have more freedom to decide exactly which verbs to learn, and which tenses to perfect, which allows you to learn exactly what you need to in a short amount of time.
  • This site is also handy in that it offers software to help your rip your CDs, burn MP3 CDs (so you can fit a large number of songs onto a CD), convert MP3s to MIDI files, and even software to allow you to edit your MP3 tracks.