Sentence Examples

  • The need for an instruction booklet varies, just as some people read through their cell phone manuals cover-to-cover, whereas others are more comfortable just "playing" with the handset to figure out the nuances on their own.
  • Be sure to note the code for the Free Gift; each Burpee catalog offers some type of free gift, either a free booklet or some new seeds to try, making it even more enticing to order by mail.
  • The child is given a booklet containing increasingly complex geometric figures and asked to copy them without any erasures and without rotating the booklet in any direction.
  • The first place to look is in the box that came with the juicer, since many, if not most manufacturers include a few recipes in the owner's manual or provide a separate booklet or card.
  • Couch grass is useful for kidney health and, according to herbalist Lynn' Newman's booklet, Common Uses of Herbal Extracts, good for dissolving small kidney deposits.