Sentence Examples

  • Released in October 1993, this sytem made use of CD-ROM media, offering much more storage capacity than the then-current Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo, but could it keep up with the powerhouse PlayStation the following year?
  • In order to have access to all of the step sheets (sent to you on a CD-Rom), as well as all of the online resources (many online resources can be used free), a $20 subscription fee grants you immediate and unlimited access.
  • Dictionaries are also available on a CD-ROM, but these are becoming more and more unpopular as most definitions can be easily found by searching via Google, Yahoo, or visiting numerous dictionary websites.
  • BICs grant free access to the SBA's Web site, offer an extensive business reference library and industry publications, interactive CD-Rom and management training seminars and videos are also offered.
  • Today, it is simple to either purchase a CD-ROM version of the Encyclopedia Britannica or accessed mini versions online, with an option of obtaining longer and more detailed entries by paying a fee.