Sentence Examples

  • If these lines be turned through a right angle in the same sense, they take up positions such as CC, DID, where C, D are on JC, JD, respectively, and CD is parallel to CD.
  • In elliptic harmonic motion the velocity of P is parallel and proportional to the semi-diameter CD which is conjugate to the radius CP; the hodograph is therefore an ellipse similar to the actual orbit.
  • The pressure on CD will therefore be doubled.
  • For two factors the standard form is (ab) 2; for three factors (ab) 2 (ac); for four factors (ab) 4 and (ab) 2 (cd) 2; for five factors (ab) 4 (ac) and (ab) 2 (ac)(de) 2; for six factors (ab) 6, (ab) 2 (bc) 2 (ca) 2, and (ab) 2 (cd) 2 (ef) 2 .
  • This is the axis of the required screw; the amount of the translation is measured by the projection of AB or BC or CD on the axis; and the angle of rotation is given, by the inclination of the aforesaid bisectors.