Sentence Examples

  • The buckle accents are not completely delicate, nor are they large and chunky, making them an addition that adds to the bag, but doesn't garner so much attention that is detracts from the beauty of the carryall.
  • The rounded flap lends this carryall an indisputably feminine edge, but a strong shoulder strap, a sensibly organized interior and a handle ensure that it's as tough and practical as any business-style bag.
  • First Best Place Wholesale Zebra Handbag: Definitely unlike the typical zebra backpack, this chic little bag starts out as a zebra-patterned carryall trimmed with red and accented by rope handles.
  • Though the company does not actually manufacture bookbags in the traditional sense, they do offer a variety of styles that easily make the transition from everyday carryall to sensible school bag.
  • A carryall is a woman's essential bag; sized to fit life as it comes, and usually designed with organizational features and easily accessible closures to make it as easy to use as it is to wear.

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