Sentence Examples

  • In the 16th century a new era began with the discovery by the Portuguese of the route to India round the Cape, and the naval powers of Europe started one after another on careers of oriental conquest.
  • When the partisans of Richemont or Naundorff come to the post-Temple careers of their heroes, they become in most cases so uncritical as to be unconvincing.
  • Conde's fame Crom= was established in his twenty-second year, Gustavus was twenty-seven and Turenne thirty-three at the military beginning of their careers as commanders-in-chief, Cromwell, on the other hand, was forty-three when he fought in his first battle.
  • Had he married the landless daughter of a neighbour he might have been the ancestor of a line of Essex squires, whose careers would have had the parish topographer for chronicler.
  • Both leaders were near the end of their careers; Potgieter died in March and Pretorius in July 1853.