Sentence Examples

  • Speedy Life Experience Degrees offer accelerated, career-focused physical education degrees on the basis of life experience for experienced individuals looking to capitalize on their physical education profession.
  • Leading American jeans companies have worked vigorously throughout the years to capitalize on the casual wear trend, and the long-established Levi Strauss had a winner indeed with Dockers denim shorts.
  • Tours with likeminded bands such as Brand New and The Used followed, and the band joined the Vans Warped Tour for a brief period of time, allowing the band to capitalize on their nascent success.
  • The tremendous conflicts Spiderman faced in Spiderman 3 introduced significant opportunities for game makers to capitalize on the excitement and action that took place throughout the movie.
  • Setting up a candle making business can be a relatively costly project and in order to fully capitalize on the investment of both time and money it is important that good research is carried out and a business plan prepared.