Sentence Examples

  • Nine times out of ten, in these here capers, it's the she who's doing the deed.
  • Sometimes, as she looked at the strange but amusing capers cut by the dancers, who--having decided once for all that being disguised, no one would recognize them--were not at all shy, Pelageya Danilovna hid her face in her handkerchief, and her whole stout body shook with irrepressible, kindly, elderly laughter.
  • Dishes offered include favorites such as steamed sea bass with spinach; miso tuna, served rare with red miso sauce and garnishes of asparagus, wasabi and capers; PanAsia duck and of course Korean BBQ.
  • You may start with one of eight or more appetizers including gorgonzola crostini with roasted red peppers and capers.
  • In addition offering 12 cuts of meat, Rio Sabor has hot entrees such as white fish with coconut milk, raviolis and roasted potatoes with capers, and Brazilian rice with salmon.