Sentence Examples

  • Happily the referee had seen some shenanigans in the 6-yard box with Ruddy unfairly impeded so a United freekick was the award.
  • With certain companies engaging in financial shenanigans, investor confidence is at an all-time low.
  • Add to this the usual (or rather unusual) shenanigans of Greg, his best friend Rowley and the Heffleys, and its no wonder that the book has been an almost instant his on the Best Seller list.
  • Kate Gosselin called shenanigans, and responded by saying she was moving ahead with the divorce.
  • Amidst the hoopla about who's cheating on who, who's having who's baby, when so-and-so will get caught and various other shenanigans, soap opera ratings seem to take a bit of a backseat - at least to the audience.